Dans le sac Reusable Baguette Bag

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The Dans le sac baguette bag is designed to transport bread home from the bakery and to store the bread at home – the traditional method of storing bread. The thick cotton fabric allows an air exchange which not only prevents the bread from growing mould but it also creates a barrier from any drafts which would dry it up. For best results the bags should be sealed as tightly as possible – simply roll over the top so that it is as tight as possible then pass the ribbon around and tie it. Bread can be frozen directly in the bag but the bag must be closed as tightly as possible.

We started working with Dans le sac in 2018 and retired the brand in February 2022. Stock is now selling through.

Material Cotton
Care Instructions Machine washable
Packaging Card sleeve
Product Size 71 x 19.5cm
Product Weight 128g
Barcode 627843757863
HS Code 63052000
Country Of Origin Canada
Pack Size 1

The Dans le sac bags are machine-washable in cold water with a gentle detergent and no fabric softener, however the less the bag is washed the better. Simply shake out any crumbs and reuse. Not recommended in the dryer. A shrinkage of 10% on the height of the bag is to be expected after the first wash.