Hairy Scumbag – Drain Maintainer BioPod

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For regular use to keep pipes, drains and plug holes running freely.

Use Dr Dre’n to deal with any blockages and use Hairy Scumbag regularly as a maintainer.

Hairy Scumbag prevents drain problems from happening and keeps things moving without boiling kettles or nasty chemicals. Use regularly to ensure drains remain hair and scum free.

Dissolve Hairy Scumbag in a 1 litre jug of warm (not hot) water and pour approx 250ml down each plug hole. Allow 4 hours before you use the sink or drain to let the enzymes and the Million Little Helpers (good bacteria) do their work.

Packaging Cardboard box
Product Size 4cm x 11cm x 2.2cm
Product Weight 20g
Barcode 754590289825
HS Code 34029090
Country Of Origin United Kingdom
Pack Size 10

Sugar, precipitated silica, citrus oil, bacteria, (food-grade) dye, pH Neutral & completely biodegradable