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Ten and Co. are proud to be one of the first brands to bring Swedish sponge cloths to the market back in 2013, and their beautiful designs are the work of founder (and interior designer) Christen.

Having been gifted one back in 2012, founder Christen vowed never to go back to paper towels or microfibre cloths! So she came up with a new company, and a range of fresh colours and designs, to give this plastic-free and compostable alternative to paper towels and dishcloths a modern twist.

Made of repurposed cellulose [wood pulp] from sustainably certified forests and cotton offcuts from the textile industry, the cloths are designed in Canada, and made and printed (using water based dyes) in Sweden. We ship stock to our UK warehouse directly from Sweden.

The great thing about Swedish sponge cloths is that they can absorb up to 15x their own weight in liquid and are quick drying and naturally anti-bacterial.  They are soft when wet and perfect for spills and streak free cleaning in kitchens and bathrooms. Can potentially replace up to 40 rolls of paper towels. They can be cleaned in the dishwasher or the washing machine and will last for 6 to 12 months or beyond, depending on use. At the end of useful life, the cloths can be composted or recycled for zero waste, plastic free cleaning.

The cloths come unpackaged with a mini ‘care card’ if required for display and customer information.

To compliment the range of cloths, Ten and Co. have added a range of tea towels which are sold in a matching set with a dish cloth.  Made of a 50/50 cotton and linen blend the tea towels are screen printed using toxic-free, water-based dyes.

Ten and Co. & Green Pioneer

We have been working with Ten and Co. since 2022 and sell their products to retailers all around Europe.

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