It was a visit to China many years ago that introduced Qwetch founder Stephane Miquel to the popular tea drinking culture in China. He noticed that everybody drank tea, all day long and not only at home but everywhere they went: at work, at school, at the park. This inspired him to develop a mobile tea flask that meant a home made tea could be taken out and about and drunk all day, and in 2012 he launched this to the French market through his new brand Qwetch.

Since 2012 Qwetch has grown into other categories of food and drink on the go, and their range now includes stainless steel insulated bottles, single wall stainless steel bottles, lunchboxes and straws.

Design and quality have always been key to the development of any Qwetch product, and they have strict qualitative guidelines for their products. The products are manufactured in selected factories in China chosen for their social engagement and quality and are compliant with ISO:9001:2008 quality management system standards. The factories are managed very closely by the Qwetch Chinese team. Qwetch also care about protecting the health of their customers and work hard to reduce or eliminate any plastic in their products. When they do include plastic it is PP5 or Tritan and is tested BPA free.

All products in the range are regularly tested so that they pass EU, DGCCRF and FDA legal food contact tests.

Qwetch & Green Pioneer

We have been working with Qwetch since 2017 and sell their products to retailers all around Europe.

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