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Keep Leaf’s collections are designed with the environment in mind, promoting reusable, organic and sustainable products and materials. They aim to reduce the amount of toxins and wastage going into landfill and soil, helping make the world a greener place for generations to come. All the products are free from lead, phthalates and BPA.

Keep Leaf was founded by Jaswinder Salh, a mother from Toronto with a passion for textiles and design. With a growing concern for our environment and a compelling desire to reduce her carbon footprint, Jas began developing products that look great and fit in with an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Jas knows that for consumers to choose reusable products over the convenience of disposable ones, the reusable products have to be more than just green – they have to be stylish as well. Keep Leaf products show that being green does not mean being boring, but fun and chic.

Keep Leaf believes in ethical manufacturing and their products are made in their women’s cooperative in India. The cooperative gives the opportunity of work to women, allowing them to achieve gender equity and to feel truly empowered.

Keep Leaf & Green Pioneer

We have been working with Keep Leaf since 2010, soon after they launched. We sell their products to retailers all around Europe.

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