Coffeenotes™ is a range of sustainable stationery, using paper made from recycled coffee cups to embrace circular design. Their stylish assortment covers a selection of innovative themed covers also made from waste materials and the mix of notebook styles and planners will appeal to any stationery fan.

Founders Sarah and Mark have always been passionate about sustainability and made recycling part of family life as they raised five young boys while running a growing print business in Dorset (set up in 1991).
When lockdown temporarily shut the printing business in 2020, they took the opportunity to explore the pioneering process called Cupcycling™ that transforms takeaway coffee cups into paper. Despite best efforts to eliminate single use coffee cups, 2.5 billion cups are thrown away each year in the UK. The polyethylene coating of coffee cups means that they are only recyclable through specialist facilities.

The UK based CupCycling facility created the world’s first scheme dedicated to recycling paper coffee cups.  The innovative circular design process results in zero waste. By removing the plastic lining during the process, 95% of the cup waste can be transformed back into paper, and the remaining 5% is used for energy in the paper production.

Sarah and Mark worked together with the mill to craft an original paper using the waste. That means you won’t find it anywhere else. Designed with a specific weight and thickness, plus a subtly textured surface, the result is a robust and stylish paper that is fountain pen-friendly and ideal for sketching.

This signature cream writing paper is at the heart of the Coffeenotes range and the name and the sizes (Grande, Medio, Piccolo) are a nod to its origins!

Covers are also made from recycled or waste material and details can be found in individual product listings.  A non-plastic, steel wire is used in the wirobound notebooks so it can be recycled too. The products come in plastic free packaging and are printed and bound in Dorset, UK. Coffeenotes is a certified Carbon Balanced Printer and all papers are manufactured under sustainably certified stewardship.

Coffeenotes & Green Pioneer

We have been working with Coffeenotes since 2022 and sell their products to retailers all around Europe.

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