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Bower Collective makes natural personal care products in reusable packaging to help you live a more sustainable life. Founded by two friends, Nick and Marcus, in 2020 Bower was born from a joint vision for a world with no plastic waste or toxic household products.

Their unique technology-enabled reuse and refill system is designed to help eliminate plastic waste. Simply decant the product into one of the reusable dispensers, or a dispenser already owned, then return the packaging, free of charge either in-store or direct to Bower Collective. The pouches are then refilled for reuse time and again.

To facilitate this, a returns box and instructional POS are available to order for retailers, free of charge. You can find out more about how the system works here: Green Pioneer X Bower Collective New Stockist Welcome Pack

Each BowerPack™ reusable pouch has its own QR code on the back which when scanned links to information about the product including how many times it’s been reused and how much carbon has been saved. After 10 uses the pouches are recycled by Bower Collective themselves.

Bower Collective is a certified B Corp and is also in partnership with CleanHub to prevent ocean-bound plastic waste.

Bower Collective & Green Pioneer

Bower Collective has been a customer of Green Pioneer since 2019 and in 2024 we started work with them to distribute this personal care range to retailers in the UK. Please note, that due to the logistics of the reuse and refill system, this range is not available to retailers outside the UK.

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