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The A Slice of Green reusable bags are made from cotton, which is either Organic (GOTS certified) or new for 2023, Recycled (GRS certified). For the mesh bags the fabric is woven to the actual size of the bag (as it cannot be cut easily) which also means there is no wastage.

Recycled Cotton is re-purposed, post-industrial or post-consumer cotton that would otherwise be sent straight to landfill. Using recycled material is key to the circular economy.
Scraps of fabrics that are discarded during the manufacturing process are collected and turned back into fibres ready to be reused in the production of new products. Since the recycling process weakens the cotton, it is necessary to use other fibres for strength.  A Slice of Green recycled cotton contains 80% recycled fibre and 20% virgin cotton, ensuring it is plastic-free.

Organic Cotton is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres. This means the entire textile supply chain is independently certificated including both ecological and social criteria.
The bags have a branded label with tare weight, certification details and A Slice of Green branding.

Our manufacturer is a family business that makes the bags in their own sewing unit in Tamil Nadu, India. We visited the unit in 2018 and were impressed by the high standards – pictures below.

We also sell a natural organic cotton baggie and wrap which are made for us by Keep Leaf in India. You can find out more about Keep Leaf here.

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