Our Brands

  • Bambu

    Bambu make handcrafted products for the home including boards, utensils and bowls. Their products come from nature and their ideas are inspired by the materials they work with and crafted in a way that supports sustainable business practices. They work with many sustainable materials including bamboo, cork, coconut & hemp.

  • BeeBee & Leaf Wraps

    BeeBee & Leaf Wraps are design led, British made vegan and beeswax food wraps that offer consumers a reusable alternative to clingfilm. Each wrap is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and the exclusive prints and bright colours mean that BeeBee & Leaf Wraps have both a positive environmental impact and make people happy!

  • VENT for Change

    VENT for Change is a UK based sustainable stationery company that supports children’s education projects worldwide. The range includes notebooks covered with recycled leather, recycled card and certified sustainable paper as well as pencils from recycled CD cases.

  • Qwetch

    Qwetch is a French brand of stylish infuse flasks, insulated bottles and food jars designed to reduce the purchase of disposable, single-use containers. The flasks are ideal for freshly infused tea or fruit infused water and each one comes with two filters for either a short and precise infusion or a long-lasting infusion.

  • A Slice of Green

    A Slice of Green make a range of ‘clean’ products that are designed to help us lead a more sustainable lifestyle. The products are stylish, functional and simple to use so are easy to adopt into everyday life. Free from BPA, phthalates and lead.

  • Fluf

    Fluf make high quality organic cotton reusables that are healthy and safe. Everything is effortless to use and machine washable. They are all about sustainability, attention to detail, uncompromising quality and original design.

  • Abeego

    Abeego is the original, all natural, beeswax food wrap. Their unique design extends the life of fresh food, preserves natural flavours and creates less food waste. An affordable and earth-friendly replacement for disposable plastic wraps and bags.

  • Neon Kactus

    Neon Kactus was founded in 2018 by Charlotte Gornall, an experienced marketeer and coffee purist on a mission to protect our planet. She wanted to produce an on the go, reusable cup that would mirror the drinking pleasure of the coffee shop and would look stylish too.

  • The Nature of Things

    After 20 years in the perfume industry Benoit Nicol saw a gap for a brand that sells top quality oils, works with distillers who have a record in sustainable practices, and presents their products in a fresh, beautiful packaging that encourages a larger pool of consumers to embrace essential oils and use them in their daily lives. And so The Nature of Things was born.

  • ReSpiin

    ReSpiin is a homeware brand that has been created to showcase stylish recycled and renewable textiles. We work directly with pioneering producers and with materials that have a story to tell - whether that is about the way it grows or the journey it has been on.

  • Keep Leaf

    Keep Leaf design with the environment in mind. Their focus is on beautiful, well designed products that are made with sustainable fabrics and that promote reuse. Their range includes food wraps, insulated lunch bags and baby bibs.

  • Ruby Cup

    The Ruby Cup menstrual cup, made by Ruby Life, is a healthier, more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to pads and tampons. Since 2012, every single Ruby Cup sold is accompanied by another cup that is donated to a girl or woman who struggles to gain access to safe and affordable period products.

  • EcoCoconut

    EcoCoconut sell 100% plastic free products made from coconuts. Their range includes biodegradable and durable multipurpose cleaning brushes made from coir - a natural byproduct of the coconut harvesting process. Coir is safe for use on non stick surfaces and is naturally antibacterial and free from toxic chemicals.

  • Kind Bag

    Kind Bag produces a range of reusable shopping bags made from premium quality, silky soft recycled PET which is produced from used plastic bottles.  The bags are durable and water resistant, fold into a pocket-sized pouch, and come in a range of colourful designs.

  • Dans le sac

    By offering consumers a sustainable and reusable product Dans le sac’s goal is to encourage people to reduce their consumption and dependence on plastic out of a concern for both the environment and their health. They believe every action counts and can even have a significant impact.

  • Curanatura

    Curanatura is an established Slovakian company that offers a range of functional and eco friendly bamboo toothbrushes. As part of their range they offer bamboo blended and carbonised bamboo blended bristles - an environmentally friendly alternative to nylon bristles.

  • Truthbrush

    Truthbrush is a young British brand who offer a range of beautifully designed, bamboo toothbrushes with eco-friendly plant based bristles. They add a splash of colour to the bathroom and even cater for young children with their cute Tiny Truthbrush.