Introducing Oakdale Bees

Published 29 April 2021

This lovely small British brand is based in Windsor, and makes beeswax based products from their own hives as well as bought in British beeswax. We are very happy to be adding their new ‘Beevitalise’ range of natural balms for wood, leather & chopping boards to our assortment. The three balms are blended slightly differently to revive worn and weathered wood, leather and (bambu!) boards. Presented in a simple card pot, each balm retails at £10/€12.50.

Also included in the range is the Eco Buff Ball.  Hade made in the UK by inspiring colleagues at ‘Ways into Work’, an amazing charitable organisation that enables those with disabilities or barriers into employment. It is the perfect size and shape to apply any of the balms and for every buff ball sold a 50p donation is made to Friends of the Earth’s ‘Save Britain’s Bees’ campaign.