FREE Qwetch Infuser Lids

Published 18 May 2023

In line with Qwetch’s offer we’re giving free Qwetch infuser lids to any stockists that order (or have previously ordered) the Qwetch classic 260ml and 500ml bottles.

As you know we always want to make sure we only send you what you actually want, so have kept the Infuser Lids on the website as a product for you to add to your basket, but at no charge. You can then decide how many you want, and whether to give them to customers that buy the bottle or sell them for a small charge.

Charity made a short video to demonstrate exactly how they work and which bottles they fit. It can be found on our GPS Instagram channel.  This is a private account – exclusive for our retailers, so if you would like access, please just send a request!

Finally a couple of housekeeping points:

This isn’t a limited term offer – we’ll be keeping the infuser lids at no charge going forward. However, the number of original bottles we keep in the range will narrow down as a lot of the newer lines will be the Active shape.

And just to clarify this lid doesn’t fit the Active bottles – so works only with the original bottles.