CupCycling™ Turns Coffee Cups into Paper

Published 13 October 2023

Despite best efforts to eliminate single-use coffee cups, 2.5 billion cups are thrown away each year in the UK alone. The challenge is to deal with this pointless waste.

In collaboration with supply chain partners and brands who care about the environment, CupCycling™ by James Cropper is the world’s first recycling process and award-winning innovation dedicated to upcycling takeaway coffee cups. Cups are gathered using schemes such as the National Cup Recycling Scheme | Paper Cup Recycling. Then using their pioneering process, the plastic coating is removed and the paper element is turned into beautiful luxury papers and bespoke packaging.

As the next step in this circular economy, CoffeeNotes™ uses this high-quality writing paper in all its stationery. Since the plastic element has been removed, once the notebooks have been used, the paper can be recycled again. Take a closer look at the infographic for the full picture and head over to the CUpCycling website for more detail: Coffee Cup Recycling | CupCycling™ | From Cups to… | James Cropper