bambu on-the-go reductions

Published 13 April 2023

We’ve reduced some bambu lines where bambu have discontinued them and we’ve got heavy stocks. Most of these ‘to go’ themed products were flying out in 2018 and 2019 – so we had lots of stock being made and on the way when everyone stopped ‘going’ anywhere!!

Since then this product category has definitely been slower but we think it’s about to start picking up ready for a summer of being on the move, and also a summer where people are starting to think about reusables again. Bambu is working on some new lines to launch in 2024, but for Summer 2023 you have a chance to sell some great value, and great quality, certified organic reusables.

Do head over to our reductions section to see exact prices but the products that have been reduced are:

  • B057730 Travel Utensil Kit – Eat Drink Took Kit
  • B133900 Bamboo Utensil Travel Set – Cork
  • B141160 Bamboo Utensil Travel Set – Organic Cotton Stripe
  • B057750 Precision Bamboo Straws – Set of 6 (with brush)
  • B134400 Cork Glass Straw Sleeve
  • B057800 Large Spork
  • B057940 Long Spoon
  • B056840 Kids Fork & Spoon

The Eat Drink Tool Kit offers particularly good value – for £12.50/€15.60 you now get all of this:

  • Knife, fork spoon set
  • Pair of chopsticks
  • Small spork
  • Bamboo straw
  • Straw brush
  • Utensil carry bag

Sell as a set or split them up in store if you prefer.

Finally just to let you know the Travel Utensil Set and Eat Drink Tool Kit is available in the Sustainable Sample Shop if you want to try before buy!