About Us

Green Pioneer is a distribution company focused on bringing stylish, ethical products to the European retail market. We sell design-led products for sustainable living, which means they might be:

Green Pioneer is the sole European distributor for most of the brands we represent and we supply retailers in over 20 countries around Europe – from Iceland to Greece! We are based in the middle of beautiful countryside in Wiltshire, UK, and keep stock of all products in our own warehouse.

Meet the Team

Charity Nichols

Charity has worked in retail all her career, spending 15 years working for John Lewis, one of the UK’s biggest retailers. She currently runs her own retail business, Green Tulip, specialising in ethical gifts. Charity is also Sales Director of Green Pioneer and these roles ensure that both companies keep up to date with the rapidly changing retail market.

Will Nichols

Will’s previous career focused on finance and market research, and he spent the years before founding Green Pioneer working for Sony Europe. His expertise helps Green Pioneer manage the complexities of distribution including importing, exporting and managing currency and credit risk.


Woof. I am Lola the Portuguese Pointer. I come to work most days and I help around the office by tidying up any lost food, sleeping and snoring loudly. I love watching the birds out of the window but get annoyed when I can’t chase them. My favourite thing is racing around under all the desks over and over again! I would love to hear from any other office dogs, please send me a photo!

We believe fully in the ethical principles behind the brands we represent and are always keen to share their stories with our customers. We are proud to work with some of the original sustainable brands on the market and love having a close relationship with such innovative founders.

One of our main priorities is delivering excellent customer service. Our background in retail means we have a keen understanding of the retail landscape and are tuned into consumer demands and trends. Find out more about working with us here: Become a Stockist.