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SOLIDU and Green Pioneer
We have been working with SOLIDU since 2021 and retired the brand in February 2022. We will sell through the remaining stock, but for more, you can contact SOLIDU directly.

More information

SOLIDU is an environmentally conscious, innovative brand from Lithuania that creates low-waste solid cosmetic bars packaged in home compostable cases. 

While everyday haircare products contain around 80% water, SOLIDU bars are made only from high quality concentrated active ingredients. Eliminating the water reduces the volume of the product, which in turn reduces the amount of packaging and transport needed, cutting waste and CO2 emissions significantly.

Plastic-free and cruelty-free, the range includes

• shampoos and conditioners
• a body and face cleansing bar
• body butter
• loofah slices which make perfect holders for products in use

All products except the NO KNOTS conditioner are suitable for vegans.  NO KNOTS contains Silk Amino Acids collected once the caterpillars have developed into moths and flown away. This makes NO KNOTS vegetarian, but not vegan. 

Each SOLIDU bar is packaged in an innovative, home compostable case made from starch, bamboo and charcoal. To dispose of the case, it can be put in the compost bin or even directly into the soil where it will break down in around 45 days, becoming a nutrient for the soil. SOLIDU recommends removing the paper labels before composting as the case will biodegrade faster without them. They are completely plastic-free and can be put in the recycling bin with paper recycling.  

All products are made in Lithuania in SOLIDU’s own production unit and comply with EU cosmetic regulations.

The SOLIDU Story

In 2017, founder Vaiva Zvirblyte, having spent 7 years working in sales, branding and consulting, decided to get rid of all her belongings to travel the world with only a backpack.  Pressed for space, Vaiva discovered solid shampoo bars for the first time!  When she returned home in 2017, she was inspired to make them herself.  At first, she experimented with different formulas and gave them away to friends and family before selling them at street fairs.  As she found that customers kept coming back for more, she built a small team to expand production and to develop new products.

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