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Oakdale Bees

Oakdale Bees was founded by Elisabeth Barton-Grew who fulfilled a lifelong passion to care for and work with bees by setting up her own beehives in 2015. These are set in 4 acres of wild meadow fields on the edge of Royal Windsor Forest in Berkshire, UK. 

Experienced at producing a range of beeswax related products, in 2021 Elisabeth launched the Beevitalise Range of organic polishes - a collection of nourishing and restorative balms to encourage the repair and revitalisation of old or existing items before buying new.

Using 90% British ingredients, the balms are handmade in Windsor based on recipes from Elisabeth's late Uncle Tom who was also an avid beekeeper. Beeswax is the base ingredient which gives natural shine and is also antibacterial and acts as a natural barrier. The beeswax is blended with ethically sourced natural plant-based oils and butters, such as British walnut oils. 

Beevitalise polishes contain no solvents, silicons, spirits, thinning, turpentines, agents, soy, palm or carnauba waxes.

Leather Revive is ideal for restoring sofas, shoes, boots and handbags. 

The Board and Bowl Board Restore has a higher percentage of beeswax and fewer oils than the Wood remedy which makes it richer and thicker and gives greater waterproof protection. Perfect for giving new life to chopping boards, wooden bowls, and butcher’s blocks.

The Wood Polish contains more natural oils which help nourish and condition the wood.  It is lighter making it slightly easier to apply and ideal for enhancing natural woods and veneers.

Also included in the range is the Buff Ball.  Made from surplus scraps of organic cotton, it is the perfect size and shape to apply any of the balms, as well as other polishing or cleaning tasks.  

Oakdale Bees partnered with Ways Into Work to create the Buff Balls and in addition to supporting this initiative, for each Buff Ball sold Oakdale Bees make a 50p donation to Friends of the Earth in support of their ‘Save Britain’s Bees’ campaign.

All packaging is made from recycled materials.

Oakdale Bees and Green Pioneer
We have been working with Oakdale Bees since 2021 and sell their range to retailers in the UK and Europe.

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