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VENT for Change

VENT for Change is a UK based sustainable stationery company that protects the planet and supports children’s education projects worldwide. 

Set up in 2017 by environmental and social entrepreneur, Evan Lewis, VENT offers products that are not only beautifully designed, but are made using recycled and certified sustainable materials. 

The VENT for Change story started when Evan began producing pencils from recycled CD cases. Once he was making more than he needed, he decided to use the spare capacity to support children missing out on the education they deserved.  Initially, this meant simply giving away free pencils as an important practical tool for education.  However, after months of research it became clear that charities primarily needed money to build schools, pay teachers and provide essential materials. VENT for Change now organise a number of initiatives to support children's education:

VENT donate 10% of all sales to Plan International who use the funds specifically for children's education projects across the globe.

The VENT for Change stationery range includes a number of collections, offering a comprehensive assortment that will appeal to a wide range of customers:

  • Ideas A5 Collection – FSC certified pages, with a cover made using recycled paper with 30% reclaimed corn pulp and finished with sewn stitching to the spine.
  • Ideas Pocket Books – 100% recycled paper pages, with cover made using recycled paper with 30% reclaimed corn pulp
  • Ideas List Pads – Made from 100% recycled paper and card.
  • Notes A5 Notebooks – Made from 100% recycled paper and card.
  • Recycled Plastic Pencils – Produced from recycled CD cases they contain no wood at all. They sharpen with a normal pencil sharpener and contain a hard graphite core that is ideal for general writing purposes.
  • Write Notebooks – FSC certified ivory paper pages, with recycled heavy grey board cover and a fabric spine. Includes ribbon page marker.
  • Recycled Leather Notebooks – FSC certified lined paper pages, with recycled leather semi-rigid covers. The recycled leather is made from scraps of natural leather that would otherwise be thrown away. This is shredded, mixed with natural rubber, pressed into sheets and then a colour coating is applied. 

VENT for Change and Green Pioneer
We have been working with VENT for Change since 2021 and sell their range to retailers all around Europe.

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