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Ruby Cup

The Ruby Cup menstrual cup, made by Ruby Life, is a healthier, more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to pads and tampons.

The company, which began as a social start-up in 2011, has now grown into an award-winning social business. When Julie, Maxie and Veronica (the co-founders) created Ruby Cup, it wasn’t simply because they wanted better menstrual health solutions for themselves. Rather, they wanted these solutions to be available to women and girls everywhere, regardless of their income or background.

Since 2012, every single Ruby Cup sold is accompanied by another cup that is donated to a girl or woman who struggles to gain access to safe and affordable period products. When Green Pioneer started working with Ruby Cup in October 2020, they had already donated more than 100,000 cups in 13 countries across 3 continents. As well as supplying the product, the programme gives women and girls access to educational workshops and mentorship, where they will learn about menstrual care and reproductive health, and how to use their new cup. You can read more about how Buy One, Give One works on their website.

Ruby Cup, the easy-to-use period cup is:

made from a single piece of premium-quality medical-grade silicone, with no seams

free from plastics, latex, toxins and bleaches

registered with the Vegan Society

eco-friendly as swapping to a Ruby Cup from single use period products reduces the impact on the environment

cost-saving as one Ruby Cup is equal to the cost of 5 or 6 months of disposable products but lasts up to 10 years 

available in two sizes and a range of colours. 

Ruby Clean is a space-saving and practical device to clean and sterilise menstrual cups.  Made of the same 100% medical grade silicone and sold in a range of colours to complement the Ruby Cup range.

Ruby Life supports retailers by providing lots of product information, hints and tips and a comprehensive FAQs section on their website.  If you have a physical shop and need point-of-sale information or samples, please email us and we will connect you with the team at Ruby Cup who can send this directly to you.

Ruby Cup & Green Pioneer
We have been working with Ruby Cup since 2020 and sell their range to retailers all around Europe.

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