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Neon Kactus

Neon Kactus was founded in 2018 by Charlotte Gornall, an experienced marketeer and coffee purist on a mission to protect our planet. She wanted to produce an on the go, reusable cup that would mirror the drinking pleasure of the coffee shop and would look stylish too. The result was Neon Kactus’s signature glass coffee cup – a product that was so successful they have now expanded the range to include a glass bottle and stainless steel travel mug.

Glass Cups and Bottles

The Neon Kactus glass products are made from durable borosilicate glass with a unique textured silicone thermal sleeve.  Glass is less permeable than plastic, meaning it will not absorb residual tastes, odours or germs so the drink inside will taste just as it should.  The glass is hand-blown, a technique that is one of the most sustainable and ethical ways to produce glassware.

The cups are currently available in one size - a barista-friendly 12oz / 340ml. This will fit perfectly under all coffee machines. Tested BPA free, with an ergonomically designed splash proof silicone lid. Microwave and freezer safe. Dishwasher safe, however over time if washed in a very hot dishwasher cycle the silicone sleeve and lid may fade.

The bottles come in two sizes - 550ml and 1L capacity.  They have a screw on lid with a bamboo outer, polypropylene #5 inner and a stainless steel 18/8 centre that sits against the liquid. Bottle and sleeve (not lid) are dishwasher safe however over time if washed in a very hot dishwasher cycle the silicone sleeve may fade.  It is recommended that the bamboo lids are hand washed in warm water and NOT put in the dishwasher.

Travel Mugs

The travel mug is lightweight and durable, with a comfortable-to-hold textured painted surface on the outside of a double wall of stainless steel. The vacuum-sealed thermal insulation will keep drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 12 hours. The screw top plastic (#5) lid offers a leakproof seal and there is a drinking hole with resealable silicone plug which should also be leakproof (if closed properly!)

The mug capacity is 380ml. It will accommodate a 12oz coffee if used in a coffee shop. Tested BPA free. 100% recyclable. Handwash only.  

Neon Kactus & Green Pioneer
We have been working with Neon Kactus since early 2019 and sell their range to retailers all around Europe.

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