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Leak Resistant Lunch Boxes

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The A Slice of Green leak resistant lunch boxes are ideal for taking food out and about - to work, to school or on picnics - avoiding the need to buy expensive, over-packaged take away food. They are made from high quality, food grade 201 stainless steel, which is non-toxic and will not retain or impart flavours. Each lunch box has folded, smooth edges and strong clips to keep the lid closed.

Each lunch box has a silicone seal inside the lid to help prevent leaks. The lunch boxes should be fine for sauces and dressings however they are not suitable for transporting liquids (a screw-top bottle or jar should be used for liquids). The seal in the lid is removable so it can be washed after use. To replace the seal simply line up the corners (flat side down), press one corner of the seal into the corner of the lid, and then work around the edges with thumbs before pressing the final corner into place. We have also included a spare seal inside each lunchbox in case one gets lost: more information can be found here.

We do not recommend the leak resistant lunch boxes for use in the oven, even with the seal removed. Prolonged exposure to very hot temperatures can cause the metal to distort and then there could be issues with the lid fitting properly.

The lunch boxes are made in North India. We’ve also named our lunch boxes after towns around India in reference to their design which is inspired by Indian tiffin tins! We visited our manufacturer in 2018 and they have previously passed an Asia Inspection Ethical Audit Report.

Tested free from BPA, phthalates and lead. Dishwasher safe.

Each lunch box is supplied in a simple brown kraft box.

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